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    Art Huia

    Huia is about an almost forgotten NZ bird prolific in Maori legend.
  • Lynda Hensman


    Nature & the essence of Mother Nature.
  • Lynda Hensman


    Expression depicts just that, freedom to explore colour
    & depth along with a vibrancy of movement.
  • Lynda Hensman


    Is about Winging it! When your in an environment that is out
    of your comfort zone.


The Ivy Box Director Lynda Hensman initially started the Queenstown art gallery in 2015 to bring together talented artists from around the region. Painting together in the studio above the viewing room, she curated  an atmosphere where local artists could share their passion for art and zest for life.

“Yes its been quite a journey! Ive had the pleasure and privilege to have worked with many Artists over the last three years. All like minded and wanting to create with passion and no inhibitions”

Now is the time for a life style change where Lynda can exhibit freely on her own, create without the responsibility of other Artists & get out there and ride that Harley!!

So with that in mind the gallery has developed this beautiful new website, hours of opening will vary from season to season but remember if the BLUE chairs are out we’re open. Also Nicci or myself are usually not to far away so very happy to open for you.

Lynda’s own artwork has a distinctly Gothic style, highlighted with themes of rebirth and life. Spiritual (though not religious) themes are also present, giving viewers plenty to think about and discover. Her rose and moth paintings are symbols of awakening while her rabbit series plays with words, expressions and human nature. Her latest abstract artworks exhibit a new style of painting for Lynda, these high-gloss artworks play with texture, light and depth, evoking distant landscapes and morning skies.

As you can see no rules, no boundaries, create, experiment….. ‘Perfection within the imperfection’

We  look forward to meeting you here @The Ivy Box gallery. The Best little Contemporary gallery in Queenstown.


a painting

Lynda Hensman also does commission paintings for clients.

Any size canvas can be ordered, they are hand crafted and of high quality. Another dimension to the Ivy Box gallery Lynda Hensman Art.

How much is the investment?

Commissions are a little more expensive than buying an existing painting, but there is a lot more work involved and the end result is undoubtedly worth it.

The investment required to own a custom-created painting depends on the brief and size of the canvas.

Both private and corporate commissions are welcome.

Arrange a visit to the Ivy Box Studio to discuss your requirements or contact me with your commission enquiry.


Opening Hours: vary from season to season, if the BLUE chairs are out we’re open.
The Ivy Box is also open by appointment.

E: [email protected]
134 Park Street, Queenstown, NZ 9300