Art exhibition Queenstown, New Zealand

Creating outside the square in Queenstown, New Zealand

Spring 2017

Open by appointment or call in at the studio above the gallery.

Housed in an old building covered in climbing plants, The Ivy Box is an art studio and viewing room. The viewing room showcases a plethora of contemporary artworks in various styles, all created by local and resident artists in the studio above.


Welcome to the THE IVY BOX

“THE IVY BOX hatched from the pleasure of creating Art in all aspects and concepts without limitations of commercial tourism or should I say, catering to particular needs. I have the privilege and unique opportunity to work with some very fine Artists with their own developed styles and quirks, particular to their own handprint of their Art. All of of the Art you see in our gallery is created right here in Queenstown, New Zealand, in our onsite atelier.”

– Gallery Director Lynda Hensman

Spring 2017: Open by appointment. Or, pop up stairs to the studio where you’re likely to find one of us creating art. You’ll find the Ivy Box on 134 Park Street, on the lakeside a short walk from Queenstown Gardens.