September Opening Exhibition

Get ready to be inspired by fresh, new and beautiful artworks coming to the Ivy Box art gallery in Queenstown this Spring!

Look out for the official notice but the 23rd of September has a nice ring to it!

In Spring, we’ll go back to our regular opening hours. We’ll also have a brand new exhibition with plenty to get excited about. There’ll be a staggered event on opening day, giving everyone the opportunity to drop into our gorgeous gallery, soak up the atmosphere, enjoy new art, sculpture and jewellery, as well as meet Gallery Director Lynda and all the artists contributing to the works in the gallery.

We’re so excited to welcome you back!

Art by Lynda Hensman | Summer 2022

Gallery founder and director Lynda Hensman is an artist who is passionate about authentic art. Her latest works showcase her eye-catching style that’s rich with detail, colour and texture.

Stallion is a 1200 x 910 oil painting depicting strength and depth. Stepping Out is a mixed media artwork about confidence and moving forward in life.

The soft colours and brushstrokes in The Secret Place evoke tranquillity and calm.

Discover more of Lynda’s artworks in the gallery. As the long summer days begin to blaze into autumn, The Ivy Box art gallery continues to showcase local contemporary art that’s outside the square. The gallery is open Wednesday to Sunday or by appointment.


THE IVY BOX IS WELL UNDER CONSTRUCTION, DON’T BE DECEIVED! THE BOYS FROM ‘JUST BUILD IT’ are working hard to make sure the gallery becomes a warm, creative space with once again the most amazing creative atmosphere.

KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN for the grand opening in September 2021. Fantastic art, new sculpture and gorgeous jewellery…


See you soon,



FREE SHIPPING!! Domestic & international

The Ivy Box gallery,  offer free freight &  post using our Local and reputable shipping company ‘Pac & Send’ Queenstown.

Pac & Send provide an excellent service of customising  the Art crates and Shipping.

Providing a safe environment for your Art.

We have utilised their services for the last three years and  can say with 100% Confidence that your Art purchase  is in good hands.

“Professional and Reliable”     Lynda Hensman-




Okay…..Maybe I’m showing off..But who can blame me! Some of my favourite things …. Learning to ride has been a massive challenge for me and Ive embraced every moment! Just as I hope you enjoy discovering a new layer in every piece of Art you uncover through our website and gallery.

3yrs on crutches and so many operations I can’t even remember from an accident that was no fault of our own…( OK,… I did skip the dance to ride on the back of a quite lovely boy’s bike )

#Point, Own yourself, make whatever action you take count , even if you trip up and make a mistake…..

Check Out my Art, there’s more to it than meets the eye!