The Ivy Box art studio and viewing room was once Queenstown’s original butcher (no, not Sweeney Todd!) According to long standing locals, the boats used to pull up and unload farm stock from across the lake, Glenorchy, Walter Peak and other various stations in the surrounding district. Along the town side were holding pens, an abattoir and the butcher. Apparently the house beside us at 134 Park Street used to be known as a prominent farm homestead.

Later, the bottom part of The Ivy Box was turned into a barn with the first floor converted for residential purposes. As Queenstown became a prominent ski destination, the whole building was converted into a residential property and snowboarders ruled the roost until the property was bought by Lynda Hensman and her husband. It was used as family hangout and an art studio until 2015, when the property was renovated and turned into the studio and viewing room you’ll find today. A passionate kiss to rejuvenate the old girl! Today, it enjoys visits from friends, artists and art lovers from around the world who are wow-ed by both the art collection and the beautiful views this lakeside property enjoys.

Our philosophy is to create art outside of the square.



Director of the Ivy Box

Lynda’s motto is to stay true to yourself, easy to say harder to do. She has an extensive PHD in the school of life and graduated with honours. Although she was almost expelled at one point for trying to fit in with middle class bourgeois but was saved by her passion for art, music, food and good wine. For years she fought a battle to fit in not realising that if she had to fight so hard to fit…. then she was not in the right place!

Her Art is carried through with this philosophy and she is honoured to have the space and heart to exhibit without inhibition. Lynda’s work also transpires this action, with focus on growth and inlightment without  having it spelt out, she’s confident you will find a story of your own in amongst her Art. Interpretation of her work is usually layered with depth and colour and most have a flavor of the spiritual, growth and rebirth.

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